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Funky Buddha Delivery Now Available!

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Funky Buddha Premium Hard Seltzer

Brewed with quality cane sugar and agave and available in four vibrant, natural flavors. Step up your seltzer game!

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Many popular hard seltzers are made from diluted grain spirits with added preservatives. But Funky Buddha Premium Hard Seltzer is made from real stuff. It’s brewed from cane sugar and blue agave, which means it has a crisp, clean taste. With one gram of carbohydrates*, zero grams of sugar*, and no sugar added, it’s also just right for your active lifestyle. Now you too can lighten the funk up with four all-natural, gluten-free flavors!

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Tropical Mango Guava

As Miami as a pink and orange sunset, these two fruits were made to go together. We’re just doing as nature intended.

Mango Guava Premium Hard Seltzer
Blood Orange Premium Hard Seltzer

Juicy Blood Orange

Our all-natural Juicy Blood Orange is bursting with ripe citrus and a hint of berry-like flavor without the added sweetness.

Crisp Pink Grapefruit

This Crisp Pink Grapefruit Seltzer balances bracing citrus with a zesty finish that’s funkin’ refreshing. 

Pint Grapefruit Premium Hard Seltzer
Key Lime Premium Hard Seltzer

Lush Key Lime Cherry

A killer combination of natural black cherry flavor with Florida’s best defense against scurvy, the Key lime.

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Funky Buddha Delivery Now Available!

Click on a service to place an order.