Whole Foods Bakery Partners with Funky Buddha Brewery
Take a Bite Out of Boca


Beer + Bread = Best. Thing. On. Earth.

Whole Foods has partnered up with Funky Buddha Brewery, the largest brewery in South Florida, to make the most delicious sourdough bread I have ever tasted. Thousands of pounds of spent grain is left over after Funky Buddha does its thing to make all that delicious Floridian beer, their popular Hefeweizen — why let it all go to waste? Whole Foods approached FB to use their spent grain in a speciality bread, and voila! A bread phenomenon has begun. The bread is made with 15% spent grain, which acts almost like a whole wheat or multigrain flour does as it lends plenty of robust flavor and texture. The bread launched in Whole Foods Stores (strategically placed along with a display of Funky Buddha Floridian) on October 21st and sold out on its second day. Now that’s impressive.


November 16th, 2015

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