Lucy Beaugard

Rumor has it that despite not selling out in an hour (like previous years), the Great American Beer Fest still anticipates hosting more than 60,000 people this weekend in its 36th year hosting the event.

Thursday night kicked off the first session of the three-day beer tasting event with a calmer approach than previous years. The crowds should be rambunctious and enthusiastic by the time the gates open at this evening’s session. The event is sold out, but brewery fans that aren’t in attendance will have plenty of time to dive into the winning brews list once they’re announced after the awards ceremony on Saturday. Ticket holders, here’s a look at what to anticipate on Friday and Saturday at the Colorado Convention Center from the 800 breweries in attendance.

Lines form just as quickly as they disperse with fans trying to find the hottest beers of the year. Thursday night featured some undeniable stretches of fans waiting for once-a-year kegs to be tapped or even just to sip a brew they’ve been following leading up to this event. Here’s a few that last night’s attendees were willing to wait to sip:

Funky Buddha — The line for this Florida-based brewery curved as its length was exceptionally long. The brewers say that most people were diving into the Piña Colada keg and the No Crusts keg, which is their version of a crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

October 10th, 2017

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