Mark Elliot

When thinking about the beer needs of the South, it would be easy to discount the dark brews. Warm (if not blazing hot) weather, beautiful beaches, thick humidity, and rolling farms often naturally lead to IPAs, sours, wheats and other easy sessionable styles. But to ignore the dark beer coming out of the South would be a mistake. There certainly is less of it than in some other regions, but the brew that is produced can go toe to toe with the best of them.

Nib Smuggler Chocolate Milk Porter | Funky Buddha

Beer tastes better with a little adventure, and this beer has got it. The smuggler part of the name comes from the cross country exportation of the cacao nibs from Brazil, which were then added to a milk porter base. This beer also helps end the long debate over the better flavor, chocolate or vanilla. As bakers, brewers, and foodies would agree… the best additive to chocolate IS vanilla, and so this beer also has Madagascar vanilla beans in the mix. Finally, a grown up version of Yoo-Hoo, complete with booze, less sweetness than the original for our expanded palates, and the perfect amount of cream smoothness. Maybe it’s time to update what the real “drink of champions” is.

December 27th, 2016

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