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A thinly populated riverside camp at the start of the twentieth century, Fort Lauderdale came to be known as “the Venice of America” when its mangrove swamps were fashioned into slender canals during the 1920s.

Beginning in the 1930s, intercollegiate swimming contests drew the nation’s youth here, a fact seized on by the 1960 film Where The Boys Are which instantly made Fort Lauderdale the country’s premier Spring Break destination. Hundreds of thousands of students (around 350,000 in 1986 alone) congregated around seven miles of sand for a six-week frenzy of drinking and lascivious excess.

Over the years the city has forged a new identity where larger-than-life beach parties are a thing of the past. Today liquid lovers visit Lauderdale to indulge via breezy beach retreat, luxury hotel pool plunge, champagne splashed sunset canal cruise, decadent beer infused spa treatment and top notch cocktail sips served at a handful of trendy restaurants. Lauderdale is also home to the state’s most vibrant LGBT community, Wilton Manors. Florida’s premiere gaybourhood is filled with a colourful selection of sud-sloshed nightlife options from bouncy disco beats to laid back watering holes which put Miami’s current offerings in the backseat.

March 11th, 2015

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