Funky Buddha Bottle Release
Mark DeNote

What is essential to making sure folks have a good time at bottle releases?

Funky Buddha’s John Linn: “We pay a lot of attention to the actual festival and making sure that people have a good time. To that end, organization and event logistics/amenities are the most important part to us. We want lines to be short and people to not have to stress about things. The music should be good and it should be easy to get a beer.”

Maine Beer Co.’s Dan Kleban: ”The most important thing is to keep our customers happy. We try to make every release smoother, faster, and better.”

Cycle Brewing’s Doug Dozark: “[T]he single most important thing is communication, make sure you deliver on what you promise and stick to your plan. We manage expectations carefully and with fairness in mind. We promise as little as possible in advance, price, bottle count, limits per person, none of that is truly necessary to set in stone until you know what you have and how many people.”

March 11th, 2016

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