Funky Buddha founder Ryan Sentz

We first encountered Funky Buddha at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014. Ever since then we couldn’t forget the culinary and amazingly flavorful beers. Unfortunately you need to travel to Florida to get to drink them. But as there’s also alligators, rockets and beaches, it’s worth a trip. Particularly because there is one of our favorite breweries: Funky Buddha. We got to talk to the man behind the recipes, founder and co-owner Ryan Sentz.

Which of your beers would you have served beer hunter Michael Jackson? Oh, geez. I think I’d be scared to serve him our Tripel. That’s our only Belgium beer that we have on regularly. Maybe our Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, because it’s the one that kind of launched us. Just to see, good or bad, his reaction to something so different.

There is Maple syrup in there? Yes.

There is bacon in there? There is no bacon in there!

Oh, it’s vegetarian? It is!

Great, then I can drink it. You made me so happy right now! I don’t eat pork either, so. We replicate the flavor with smoked malts and Applewood smoked salt.

March 27th, 2016

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