Alexis Paige at the Atlantic Current

Whether you call it spiked, adult, or hard seltzer, you’ve most likely sipped on this trendy sparkling alcoholic beverage. The nearly perfect canned summer drink is refreshing, low-calorie, gluten-free, and offers just a hint of flavor. We all know White Claw and Truly, but it’s time to welcome player three — Funky Buddha Premium Hard Seltzer.

From first glance, the main difference is the label. For one, the South Florida based brewery labeled their seltzer “premium.” What does this exactly mean? Well, it is brewed from cane sugar and agave and is one of few craft breweries creating this sissy yet delicious drink.

But, is Buddha better?

Firstly, let’s discuss flavor. Funky entered the game with four flavors: Tropical Mango Guava, Lush Key Lime Cherry, Juicy Blood Orange, and Crisp Pink Grapefruit. Each of these flavors is unique when compared to other guys, but also build upon some of the cult classics.

Their take on the beloved black cherry is their Lush Key Lime Cherry flavor. Personally, I taste more of the cherry than the key lime, but the lime is there. But, the Tropical Mango Guava is the winner of the pack, by far. It bubbles up a slight nostalgia, but I can’t exactly put my finger on it. Overall, all four pack way more real flavor than their competitors.

May 27th, 2020

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