Andrea Bailey –

Whole Foods Market has partnered with Funky Buddha Brewery to develop a new spent-grain sourdough bread. The product took two months to perfect and uses the same grains from the Oakland Park brewery’s Floridian Hefeweizen.

“The beer-making process is similar to that of the bread-making process,” said Whole Foods bakehouse facility team leader David McAndrew in a statement. “Since Funky Buddha’s Floridian Hefeweizen is such a popular beer at Whole Foods Market, using its grains seemed like the perfect starting point.”

Arriving at the organic grocer’s 24 Florida locations Wednesday, the bread will be on sale for $4 per loaf rather than $5.50 throughout the first two weeks of its release. During that same time, shoppers may nab a six pack of the hefeweizen for around $8, as well as pours of the beer, served with a complimentary slice of bread, from Whole Foods' in-store bars.

October 19th, 2015

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