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Starting off the year by attending a beer festival is the best way for any beer enthusiast to set themselves up for success. The idea of unlimited beer sampling from a stellar brewery, along with over 50 local and regional breweries is heavenly. Add that with a solid time with friends enjoying food and music and you have the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival at Funky Buddha Brewery.

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter sounds like a mouth full right? Well so is the beer! Highly regarded in the beer world for many of their pastry-inspired beers and a Gold Medal winner in the 2016 World Beer Cup for Specialty Beer, Funky Buddha Brewing comes through to begin the new year in Oakland Park, Florida with an extremely fun beer festival for anyone 21 and up to attend.

They named this festival after the Maple Bacon Coffee Porter to celebrate its yearly release. The Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Festival invites over 50 different breweries near and far. Many qualities of this festival raise popularity and excitement every year. One of those qualities is the tap list that features the guest breweries that embrace the breakfast style beer theme or any other style they choose.

Funky Buddha History

How was a beer as interesting and flavorful as Maple Bacon Coffee Porter created? Kristen Lorow, the brand marketing coordinator at Funky Buddha shared the story of this epic beer and festival to follow.

PD: How did MBCP come about and why did it become a main focus?
Kristen: When Funky Buddha first started back in 2007 we were located in a tiny hookah lounge in Boca Raton and brewing on a small system. (Basically, the size of a large kitchen pot.)

Ryan has a super creative pallet and was creating a lot of these unique and culinary inspired beers. He created an orange creamsicle wheat, a mango habanero blonde ale, and eventually created Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. Ryan wanted to recreate beer that was reminiscent of a diner-style breakfast in a glass, with flavors and aromas of roasted coffee, maple syrup-soaked pancakes and smoky bacon. He bottled this beer and sold it to a few of his regulars, who sold and traded for this beer all over the world-one bottle went as far as Denmark, and another sold on Ebay for over $300!

Within a few weeks Maple Bacon Coffee Porter was rated the #1 rated porter in the world on Soon after, we began receiving invitations to these really exclusive beer festivals and people were so excited to taste our beer they would sprint from the entrance to get in our line-which was consistently one of the longest and wrapping around the building. Funky Buddha has been growing like crazy ever since. When we moved to our production facility in Oakland Park we wanted to pay homage to the beer that put us on the map and throw a festival in it’s honor.

The festival has evolved and has seen many different formats throughout the years. The first few MBCP fests were open to the public however, the crowds increased exponentially each year so we decided to move it to a ticketed event to make it a little more manageable. The festival has always been a celebration of out of the box, culinary inspired beers.

February 7th, 2019

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