KC and Ryan Sentz’s brewery, hugging the FEC tracks in Oakland Park since 2013, has borrowed from the Willy Wonka handbook of craft-beer wizardry. The Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (the brewery throws a festival in its name every January) is a glass of breakfast, with its syrupy blend of malt, toffee, maple syrup and salted chocolate. Not all Funky beers are sugary — their Hop Gun IPA is bitter and hoppy, for example — but most taste like dessert. Butta Cup, a newly bottled release, tastes like a liquid chocolate peanut-butter cup, while another winter beer, Last Snow, tastes like a liquid Mounds bar. Even sweeter? The recent arrival of Craft Beer Counter and Kitchen, the brewery’s Southern pub grub spot, and the usual brewery diversions of cornhole and giant Jenga.

November 17th, 2016

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