Broward Palm Beach New Times

Rice krispy treat, French toast, peanut butter and jelly, sweet potato casserole, blueberry cobbler, maple bacon coffee... No, this is not your dream 2 a.m. buffet list. These are real beer flavors brewed close to home at the Funky Buddha Brewery. This lineup of culinary-inspired liquid creations (ranging in price from $5 to $7) is putting South Florida's beer scene on the map — a massive feat, considering how far behind Florida has been on the craft-beer train. While the Funky Buddha name and bevs have been on the tips of hard-core beer fans' tongues for years, since the original Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery began brewing small batches in Boca Raton, this mammoth, 18,000-square-foot brewery opened just last year and immediately garnered a thirsty following. The new brewery provides the bigger space necessary for hosting bottle-release festivals and equipment big enough to crank out kegs for distribution. While the rest of the country is clamoring to get its paws on some of the famous Maple Bacon Coffee Porter, we get to sit back, relax, and take a sip.

June 16th, 2014

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