Mas Appetit

If you haven't experienced a beer and cheese pairing, take if from me that you actually haven’t lived yet. Unlike wine and cheese pairings, which in my opinion are pretty pedestrian in comparison, beer and cheese offers a much more fun and flavorful experience.

The R&D for this piece was an arduous task (insert wink here). I visited my local Whole Foods Market and enlisted help from the resident cheese aficionado Andrea Wandt, who took the time to educate me of the nuances across a broad spectrum of cheeses, and which beers would best complement each of them. Below are the six pairings that we settled on;

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar / Funky Buddha Hop Gun IPA

The Cheese

Cabot and Jasper Hill collaborate on this approachable version of the classic English clothbound cheddar. Bright, nutty, savory, and also a caramel sweetness. Cabot makes cheese from milk of a single family owned farmed and then it is aged in the state of the art cave facility by the Cellars at Jasper Hill. Aged 9-14 months.

The Beer

Aged cheddars have a pretty strong and distinct sharpness so you need a beer that can keep up. IPA and cheddar is a match made in heaven. The malt in the beer works great with the caramelized flavors in the cheese, and the hop bitterness balances out the acidity of the cheddar.

September 25th, 2016

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