A name is such a defining character that the thought of choosing the wrong one can be gut wrenching for a brewery. Check out these nine breweries and the areas of inspiration and life experiences they pulled from when developing their names.

Funky Buddha Brewery | Oakland Park, FL

While some brewery names are created to fit the brewery, Funky Buddha fit their brewery to an already existing name. Owner Ryan Sentz rebranded his craft beer lounge and tea bar into what is now known as Funky Buddha Brewery. R & R Tea Bar, Sentz’s first endeavor, began as a hookah lounge and tea bar. Later, he added a large selection of craft beers. As the R & R Tea Bar and Funky Buddha Lounge’s popularity grew, Sentz realized his passion for homebrewing could morph into something more.

The culture of that original Funky Buddha Lounge expands into their beers and marketing. Funky Buddha Brewery creates unique, outside the box beers, utilizing interesting ingredients to achieve over-the-top flavors and aromas. Many of their beers create a flavor profile that mimics certain foods and leaves a lasting impression on craft beer fans, such as their Blueberry Cobbler Ale, Sweet Potato Casserole Strong Ale, Maple Bacon Coffee Porter and French Toast Double Brown Ale. While what’s inside the bottle may seem most important, the outer label also helps create a lasting impression. Funky Buddha’s labels are bright and colorful, and often cartoonish. These labels aid in the overall experience when enjoying a Funky Buddha brew.

January 24th, 2017

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