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After exhaustive rankings of Christmas beers, imperial stouts and barrel-aged imperial stouts, it’s probably safe to say that the Paste office is more than ready to bring the ABV down just a tad. Don’t get us wrong—we thoroughly enjoyed tasting a combined 60 imperial stouts in the month of January, but working your way through that murderers row is by no means easy as far as organization, scheduling or overall liver health is concerned. In February, we take a short step back to approach a style that isn’t quite so overwhelming.

Ah, porters. I love a classic porter. In some ways, they’re emblematic of American craft brewing; the kind of historic style that was kindly brought over by the nation’s English settlers before working its way into a separate, American ideal in the same way that pale ale or IPA did. When I think of porters, I think back to earlier years of American craft brewing, and how they were one of the styles that blazed the way for “dark beer drinkers.” Visiting a brewpub in the late ‘90s, there was almost guaranteed to be an American porter on the menu.

February 17th, 2015

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