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There are some 4,500 active breweries in the United States now, the most in 142 years (oh to be an American pub owner in 1874). “It’s clear that there’s a lot of great beer right now.” says Samuel Richardson, owner and brewmaster at Other Half Brewing (whose Mosaic IPA represents New York this year). "I can't think of a city without a good brewery." We would know — we’ve tried an incredible amount in the past year, with our small, hard-drinking army of beer writers, editors, and local experts sampling and exploring to come up with our annual list of the Best Beers in America. Here are the best two from each state — plus D.C., which gets two picks this year. Our advice: try your own local offerings first — they’re bound to be the freshest.

Florida: Last Snow

Brewery: Funky Buddha Brewery

Style: American Porter

You may not necessarily think of dark brews when you think Florida beers, but Funky Buddha brings it back to the tropics by adding coconut and freshly roasted coffee to this special release brewed for the chilly months. Last Snow is full-bodied and full-flavored enough to stand up to mid-70s temps, without being overly filling or sweet, despite bringing along notes of chocolate and caramel. We may not have much sympathy for Floridians in winter, but we certainly have admiration for a coffee porter that incorporates coconut this well.


December 15th, 2016

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