Introducing Old Fashioned, our summer Mixology Series release.

Celebrating a notorious American classic, this is our take on one of the oldest mixed drinks in the cocktail canon. An old fashioned is traditionally made with Bourbon or rye whiskey, bitters, sugar, orange peel, and cherries. To replicate this, we brewed a unique ale with barley, rye, and corn to match the grain bill of a Bourbon mash. It’s then aged inside High West Bourbon barrels to impart notes of charred oak and vanilla. After aging for months, we add orange peel and cherries to capture the essence of the timeless drink.

Old Fashioned will be available in 12oz bottle four-packs in the tap room on Friday, June 19th. Old Fashioned will also hit shelves throughout the sunshine following the tap room release. Check the Funky Buddha Beer Finder for updates!

Cocktail History

The Old Fashioned is a historic American cocktail developed during the late 19th century. A cocktail in those times referred to simple drinks made with spirits, sugar, and bitters. The phrase “old fashioned” later became a mechanism of implying that a drink was to be made the old way. Today, the Old Fashioned is made with Bourbon or rye whiskey, bitters, sugar, orange peel, and occasionally a maraschino cherry. It’s served with a large ice cube in the iconic rocks glass.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020
May 26th, 2020

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