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Funky Buddha is proud to use high quality, natural ingredients in its beers. This includes everything from traditional ingredients like high-aroma hops to non-traditional ones like fresh-roasted coffee, vanilla beans, and whole fruit. The flavors that these ingredients impart in our beers are bold and vibrant. As such, our beers taste best when they are at their freshest. We take great effort to ensure freshness in market and ask the same stewardship of our distributors.

Funky Buddha recommends the following to ensure the best tasting beer possible:

Consume fresh, within recommended timeframe from date code production date. How do you find this date? We code our bottles, cans, mother cartons, and pallets with a “born on date.” This date code can be found on:


Brand Date Code Guidelines  and Shelf Life

Pack of Hard Seltzer

150 Package/180 Draft

Pineapple Beach
120Package/150 Draft

Vibin’ Lager
150 Package/180 Draft

Chant IPA
120 Package/150 Draft

Chilla Thrilla
150 Package Only

Funky Buddha Hard Seltzer
180 Package Only

Hop Gun IPA
90 bottles and cans 120 Package /120

El Camino Haze
120 Draft

42 Hazy Daze
120 Package

Gloves Off IPA
150 Draft

All Other
150 Draft

Box of Buddhas Limited
120/150 Package Cans

No Crusts
120 Package /150 Draft

Goodness Series
120 Package /150 Draft

Little Buddha Series
120 Package /150 Draft

Undefeated Saison
720 Package /720 Draft

Mixology / Living Barrel Series
720 Package /720 Draft