Does the Funky Buddha Tap Room serve brunch?

Yes! We serve Bottomless Brunch every Sunday from 11:30am to 3pm. Enjoy unlimited Floridian, Vibin', Floridian Mules, mimosas, and beermosas alongside delicious brunch dishes from the Craft Food Counter & Kitchen.

Do you do tours of your facility?

Yes, we give tours of our brewery on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Click here for more tour info! 

For more info on booking a private group tour, email

Can you ship your beer to me?

Unfortunately, Florida and US laws prevent us from selling our beer and then shipping it to consumers.

Do your beers contain dairy or other animal products?

While we do not use isinglass (a fish-derived finishing agent used in many commercial beers), many of our beers do contain lactose and are thus NOT dairy-free or vegan. Typically we brew with lactose to achieve greater body and mouthfeel in porters and stouts, but we occasionally use it in other styles as well. Below is a list that is non exhaustive but should give you an idea which of our beers do contain lactose.

  • OP Porter
  • Last Snow Porter
  • Nib Smuggler Chocolate Porter
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Nikolai Vorlauf Imperial Russian Stout
  • Maple Bacon Coffee Porter
  • Mocha Smuggler
  • S’Mores
  • Love Below
  • Mexican Coffee
  • Morning Wood

*Most of our other porters, stouts, and cream ales

How do I request a private party/event?

For more info on booking an event at the Funky Buddha Banquet Room click here!

If you're looking to reserve a table in the tap room, send us an email at

Where can I see what food items you have available?

Click here to view the Craft Food Counter & Kitchen menu. 

Does Funky Buddha sell kegs from the tap room?

Funky Buddha is now selling kegs straight from the source! Enjoy your favorite flagships on draft at the comfort of your home, backyard bbq, and any other occasion. Visit this link for more info!

I'm visiting the brewery from out of town. Can you recommend a hotel?

Yes! We have a corporate rate with the Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale East. In addition to a great price, this newly renovated hotel features a heated pool, free shuttle for travel to and from the brewery, complimentary breakfast and wi-fi, and Funky Buddha bottles available for purchase in the lobby bar! Book your room here.

What beers are available to fill in growlers/crowlers?

Check out our Currently On Tap page to see what you can fill to-go.

When are you going to brew more Maple Bacon Coffee Porter!

Right now, Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is a once per year release, arriving with a festival and bottle release at the brewery every January. Next MBCP Festival held on January 11, 2020. For information on past releases, check out this page. MBCP will also see limited distribution at the end of January.

Where can I find your beers?

We currently distribute draft, bottled, and canned beer throughout Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Check out our Beer Finder to see where our beers are sold.

Can I bring my kids or dogs to the brewery?

We believe a brewery -- and specifically our tap room -- is not just a bar, but a community hub. A place for people to congregate, meet, and enjoy the community atmosphere. As such, we are a family friendly establishment.

*Supervised children are permitted in the tap room from Noon to 8pm every day. After 8pm, you must be 21 or over to enter. Children are never permitted on tours or in the brewery itself

*Well-behaved dogs are welcome in the outside patio areas, including by the tracks, near our front planters, or under the clock tower. Please do not bring your dogs in the tap room. We reserve the right to ask poorly behaved animals to leave!

Do you still operate the Funky Buddha Lounge in Boca Raton?

While the original location in Boca Raton is no longer around, the same space is now operated by the great people at Robot Brewing

What beers of yours can I buy at retail?

We have four core brands that are available year-round: Floridian Hefeweizen, Hop Gun IPA, Pineapple Beach Blonde Ale, and Vibin' Groovable Lager. For a taste of something different, try our Goodness Series, which include four beers that rotate on a seasonal basis. And if you're looking for our rarest or most limited brews, check out the Little Buddha Small Batch series of 22oz bombers, or The Living Barrel Series, which includes our most sought-after barrel-aged beers. 

For a complete look at our releases, check out our annual release schedule here

I have a lot of growlers at home from other breweries. Will you guys fill them?

We’re proud to say that we fill only Funky Buddha Brewery growlers for two reasons. 

First, sanitation and cleanliness is important to us, especially with a glass bottle we’re going to put our beer in. Many people trade our growlers across the country, and an unsanitized growler that’s being shipped in the mail while not refrigerated is a recipe for spoilage. So, instead of cleaning and sanitizing growlers to order, we choose to swap your growler with an already cleaned and sanitized one when you come in. By doing this, we can ensure the quality of our beer in growlers will remain consistent. We think it’s worth the effort, and we hope our customers do to.
Second, our growler machine is calibrated to fill our glass, which is a certain height and size. Other size or shape bottles have not worked well on our filler in the past, and we really try to use this machine whenever possible since it provides an oxygen free fill of the best quality. 
We understand most people have a plethora of growlers so buying more is not always a great option. We are talking about how best to fill non-Funky Buddha growlers such as stainless steel and insulated ones that do preserve carbonation and temperature longer. Thank you for your understanding!